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Standing for Re-Election

With my passion for public service burning more brightly than ever, with high hopes that together we will fashion a legacy we can proudly pass to our children and grandchildren, I write to let you know that I am standing for re-election as State Senator from the Cape and Islands.

And I’m asking for your support, because we have a race on our hands:

A self-described Tea Party candidate is running against me. This is a campaign offering profoundly different priorities and platforms, visions and values.

Here is what we need to accomplish, and what I stand for:

Create jobs that rekindle the American Dream by rebuilding our infrastructure.

Make public education affordable once again.

Build smart, cost-effective wastewater treatment that revives our bays and ponds, protects our home values, and creates a generation of good local jobs.

Make minimum wage a living wage.

Shut down the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant, replacing it with sustainable power that doesn’t put us all at risk while creating jobs in rehab and renewable energy.

Reform revenue policies to make them relevant to today’s economy, without raising taxes on working families.

Stop NStar from spraying herbicides.

I could go on and on --- those of you who know me know that sometimes I do!

But instead, I’ll just say that I believe we are at a “tipping point,” a moment of profound shift and change in public policy.

I want to help make that change happen.

I want to define a vision for where we want to be in 20 years, and help us get there.

All of us are sick and tired of never-ending fundraising, the way money controls too much of our electoral process. But until we fix this broken system, this is how my campaign must be funded. And so even as I ask for your help, I make this promise:

I will search for alternative ways to fund campaigns and win elections. My fundraising will be grassroots. And I will do everything in my power to overturn Citizens United.

I believe in this democracy. I believe in the power we as citizens carry into the ballot box. It’s our votes that matter, not how much money we can spend.

I refuse to let cynicism stop me from serving in public life.

So with your help, I would be proud to stand for the Cape and Islands, and the Commonwealth, for another two years as your State Senator.

All the best,


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