13. Connecting the Dots

A case study like this is a great exercise, a way to clarify thinking, focus vision, express values and priorities. This is essential to provide both framework and inspiration. The next steps demand the leadership, management, acumen and experience to deliver on the promise.

In this context, government becomes a three-step process:

Articulate the vision. Translate it into specific goals. Then build coalitions on common ground.

In many ways, this is the challenge every business leader and entrepreneur faces. But here’s “the fierce urgency of now,” to return to Martin Luther King’s striking statement:

The vision is our understanding that our economy is the tool we can use to build a future we proudly pass to the next generation.

The goal is to invest in our middle class, our working communities, so they become the driving engine of this economy.

The coalitions that accomplish this goal must emerge from collaboration at every stage, coming together to include everyone at the decision-making tables, then asking everyone to contribute – sometimes even sacrifice – for our Commonwealth.

In or out of government, every great step forward has required that people first believe in the vision, then work together to realize it.

Dan Wolf has proven that he has a great capacity to move us through this process. He has done so in the private sector, and in public life. His ability to lead both from the heart and the head, to inspire, deliver, and unite is unrivaled. His track record is proof positive. His skills, experience and perspective are uniquely suited to the challenges we face in the next decade of our public life.