Senator Dan Wolf
Massachusetts Cape & Islands District
Senator Wolf lauded by Mass Audubon for restoring funding for endangered species program

An initiative led by Senator Dan Wolf (D-Harwich) has been successful in restoring funding to The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program, a key state effortresponsible for protecting our state’s rare animals and plants.

Senator Wolf’s amendment to the Massachusetts Senate budget authorizes $150,000 for the program, and passed Wednesday afternoon.

 “Amazing animals like the diamond-backed terrapin and roseate tern, which we see on the Cape and Islands, deserve our protection,” said Senator Wolf. 

“Across the state, there are hundreds of animals and native plants that are endangered.  We wouldn’t even know that to be true without this program’s hard work.  For anyone who takes stewardship of the environment seriously, this is money well spent.”

“This funding could not come at a more critical time,” said Jennifer Ryan, Mass Audubon’s legislative director. “Without state funding, our endangered species program literally is in jeopardy of extinction.  Senator Wolf has recognized the importance of this small but vital program, and Mass Audubon thanks him for stepping up to the plate for our must vulnerable species.”

Data collected, analyzed and distributed by the Heritage Program plays a crucial role in protecting rare plant and animal species. In addition, staff members identify sites that provide the best opportunities for preserving and restoring these species.  This in turn guides the work of government agencies, land use planners, conservation commissions, and environmental organizations across the state.

Founded in 1978, The Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program is part of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, and one of the programs forming the Natural Heritage network.